About the center

The founders had the vision of a learning center that provided elementary, middle, and high school students opportunities in business & entrepreneurship through professional courses oriented towards impacting the local community. The result was Nextide Academy K12 Learning Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Purcellville, VA. Nextide Academy focuses all its courses and programs around the theoretical and practical components necessary to thrive in the business world. Whether your dream is to start a business, become the next great filmmaker or attend your dream college, the learning center through its programs will help you realize your potential and also to achieve your goals.

Our primary teaching method is through problem-based learning. Students learn best when they are challenged to critically think and discover solutions for situations many people face across the globe. Such efforts can be large or even small and local! We provide students with art projects important for the local community and connect business-minded students with nearby entrepreneurs. In doing so, our center seeks to develop a think-tank of young students who can contribute to their fellow citizens. No person is too young to discover and use their gift! Join us today and start your educational journey!

Mission and Values.

Nextide believes in the vision of every child. We will strive hard to provide opportunities to start creating their visions and impact the community around them.