Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

Fundamentally we are about preparing students to make a difference in our ever-changing global community. Our economic and business leaders, and educational scholars are calling for an increase in entrepreneurial education to teach initiative, self-regulation, critical thinking, and life-long learning skills among young people. In answering that call, the Nextide Academy K-12 Learning Center was set up with a primary focus to steer the young minds towards innovation and entrepreneurship.

This program has been designed to foster critical thinking, come up with new business ideas and eventually start real companies.

Be a part of our first batch of young entrepreneurs and make history!

Nextide Academy will spearhead and fund the first startup business. Come visit us at our learning center at 221, N 21st Street, Purcellville, VA 20132


The Program

Our year long entrepreneurship program is designed for young and aspiring entrepreneurs who have a passion to explore an entrepreneurial path.
A cohort of middle school and high school students will be part of an exciting journey in starting up a new business. Through collaborative learning while subject to courses like Discovery Tools, Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship, they will overcome some of the initial challenges in taking those first steps.


  • Startup a real business
  • Case Studies
  • Planning
  • Guest Speakers

The Process

Innovation happens with identifying a problem or a need. Our students will learn that innovation is not just about new ideas. They will take a close look in the community and beyond to apply the right ideas in new ways for new situations


  • Ecosystem for innovation
  • Listen to needs in the community
  • Find problems to solve
  • Identify good ideas quickly