KEVA Planks Design Contest – $150 VISA gift card for winner

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Calling for all the creative minds! We are conducting a design contest for elementary, middle and high school students to create a replica of the Purcellville Train Station using KEVA Planks.
The contest will run between Aug 24 – Sep 10, 2016.

Nextide Academy Learning Center
221 N 21st. Street
VA – 20132

Best design wins a $150 VISA gift card.
Participants get a 10% discount for all registrations before September 30th, 2016.

Facebook post :

If you have any questions, please contact us at

KEVA Planks Design Contest
  • Schedule a time slot for your team

    We have limited time slots available. Please reserve yours for available ones between now and Sep 10, 2016! Book an appointment with Nextide Academy using SetMore

  • Rules of the contest

    – Every team should have a minimum of two participants and a maximum of 5
    – You have three hours to design and build.
    – You must have a documented plan (write-ups, sketches, etc.).
    – Maximum planks that can be used is 750 (We will provide the planks)
    – You must post the pictures of your work and final design on our Facebook page (in the comments section of the contest post)

  • Results of the contest

    Facebook “likes” for your design will determine the winner. Results will be announced on Sep 30th, 2016