Robotics and Engineering

Automation of variety of day to day tasks will need learning and leveraging the state of art techniques. We empower the young brains to invent, discover and solve real world problems through robotics and engineering. Our hands-on approach will teach students not only learn the theoretical aspects of the field, but also to think critically, analyze the world around them, and come up with meaningful solutions.

Our 4 month beginner’s course will introduce the world of robotics to students covering the following:

  • Introduction to Electronics & Materials
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Concepts of 3D Printing
  • Learn techniques using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Mindstorm EV3
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Techniques
  • Progressive learning path with iterative learning and associated deliverables / demonstrations
  • Arduino

    We will leverage an open-source technology that use micro controller based kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control objects.

  • Raspberry Pi

    Basics of computer science will be taught using Raspberry Pi, a credit card–sized single-board computer and Python

  • Mindstorm EV3

    We will teach techniques to program, maneuver, and orchestrate various robotic movements to perform tactical actions.

After successful completion of the beginners program, students broaden their knowledge through adaptation of intermediate and advanced level programs. While choosing intermediate and advanced level courses, students will be provided with an opportunity to pick specialization path(s). As students deep dive into the specialization paths, students are enabled to enroll for competitions, inventor’s show and tell, and event demos.