Learn how to create a business and build one!

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In our Business Start-Up Program, learn the process from that “Eureka” moment to customer development to test your hypotheses to agile development of your idea. Discover the opportunities that are available in the world around you, come up with ideas for new products and services or add value to already existing products and services, and use empathy and service design tools like stakeholder mapping, journey mapping, personas, value-chain analysis, the job-to-be-done, ethnographic interviews, and more.

Through the design thinking portion of our Business Start-Up Program students will learn how to define problems and discover solutions. They will come to understand how different situations warrant different remedies and which remedies are the best for each situation. Students will also discover how transform such problems into opportunities to help their businesses thrive. Don’t just react to situations; seize opportunities for your business to grow!

With our Entrepreneurship course students will learn how to take the steps to become the next great businessman or woman! Students learn effective business tools to envision their business and begin its development. They will understand how to help your business thrive in different economic situations and overcome competition and increase their ability to assess risks and calculate ways to use them to your advantage. Ultimately, students will know how to market their business and what resources are available to boost your profit.

Learn all this and more to enhance your entrepreneurial skills in our Business Start-Up Program!